Invite friends, earn more!

Join our referral program and become part of a community that’s making a difference! 

As an Impakt member, you have the power to invite friends and earn rewards while spreading the word about our platform.

When you successfully refer a friend, you and your friend each get:

KOIN one time reward

KOIN multiplier on your workouts*

Additionally, you passively earn whenever your friend works out:

Bonus KOIN on your friend’s workout earnings*

*These numbers will decrease over time.

You’re early, make the most of it!


KOIN is the utility point of Impakt, crucial for creating a balanced and engaging economy within the app’s ecosystem. It functions as an accumulative point system.

KOIN serves numerous functions within the Impakt platform, including but not limited to:
  • It qualifies holders for seasonal airdrops of $IMPAKT, with greater accumulation of KOIN leading to more airdrops.
  • It facilitates purchases of NFTs such as membership cards, avatars, skins, equipment, and whitelist status, as well as other virtual goods.
  • It grants access to premium content features and allows users to unlock new features introduced each quarter.
Further updates and functionalities related to KOIN will be announced this quarter. 

Go to Profile -> Invite to see the invite codes you’ve earned

Then either share by copying the code or by using the invite button

  1. Enter your code on the first screen when you sign up or Profile -> Enter referral code if you’re already signed up.
  2. Do a daily workout
  3. Enjoy your rewards 

Work out on Impakt. You earn one invite per level up.

  • 1000 KOIN
  • Limited time KOIN multiplier on your workouts up until the airdrop
  • 1000 KOIN
  • Limited time KOIN multiplier on your workouts up until the airdrop
  • 5% bonus KOIN whenever your friend works out until the airdrop

You will get your rewards once your friend has joined using your code code AND has done a daily workout.

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